All Things ‘The Chosen’ and Red Flags

I am not a fan of the Chosen and nothing about it compels me to want to watch it in a dedicated manner. I have however watched clips from different episodes as well as interviews that Dallas Jenkins has given…they make me even less inclined to watch the show. Recently I was asked what my thoughts were regarding The Chosen Bible study…I didn’t know there was a Bible study, but my initial thoughts were, “How do you write a Bible study based on a show where 95% (which Dallas Jenkins has stated in interviews) of the material is NOT based on the Bible? The second thing was let’s look up the Bible study. I was able to pull up a page where I was able to view through the study, nothing impressive. Seems to focus on characters from the show and then questions. Here is another concern – from the clips I have seen the creators/producers take way too much liberty in how they formulated the characters for the show verses the Bible, so again how do you write a Bible study where 95% of the shows content is NOT based on the Bible? The answer is, you can’t. At least you can’t write anything of Biblical substance that will truly draw people to the Lord. I noticed that Amanda Jenkins was one of the writer’s of the Bible study, so I looked her up and then I looked Dallas up on his social media as well. This collage of images from social media are of Dallas and his wife promoting a friends book that is teaching the prayer of Examine, this is contemplative spirituality and the author is very much into contemplative spiritual practices (the same thing as New Age/ Eastern mysticism) as well as she seems to like and promote progressive Christian writer Anne Lamott. Actually, I left out the shot of Dallas telling people to “go buy this book” instead included his post from Contemplative Richard Rohr. This should be very concerning. Influence matters and so does doctrine!

This is a major RED flag. This made me go watch a few more clips of episodes and look more at the information given in interviews. So, from interviews, The Chosen is highly attached to the Mormon church from producers to set for season two. Jonathan Rumi (Jesus) is played by a Catholic, and the shows advisers are a Rabbi and a Catholic Priest… this is ecumenism. This is unbiblical unity. Dallas Jenkins considers both Mormons and Catholics to be brothers and sisters in Christ, but both of these have extra biblical beliefs and practices. The Chosen down plays Jesus’s deity and enhances his humanity creating a more palatable, ecumenical and culturally acceptable Jesus. When people do things that involve the Word of God, there is accountability. They don’t seem to worried about the accountability part. They think it’s great that so many inter-faith people are watching and liking the show, but here’s the thing, if anyone can watch no matter their faith background or no faith background and think its great, that says more about what the show isn’t doing that what it is. It means no body is really being drawn to the Son of God who lived, died on the cross and who rose again three days later. It means people are getting a Jesus that suits them where they are! When the people behind the show have a very strong ecumenical tendency, when they don’t understand the truth of scripture as to what a NT Christian is, when they don’t separate from those who are teaching false doctrine, this is problematic and it is tragic that so many born again Christians think this show is so amazing…

As for the Bible study, well, when we do things teaching others the Word of God we are accountable for what they are taught and where that leads them. A big concern besides the lack of Biblical substance and truth is the connecting of people with Dallas and his wife who apparently have no problem with contemplative spiritual practices and people being drawn into that occult spirituality through those they promote. This is not a small thing Church. We have to be willing to recognize and separate ourselves from the things that are not aligned with scripture. In the times we are in, we must know who is influencing those who influence us! It is time to wake up or you may find that your walk with the Lord isn’t leading where you think it is. That’s it. StraightUp!