Ecstatic Dance in Evangelical Christianity

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I was going to make this months blog post about the origins of inner healing prayer (which are horrible), but decided to set that aside either until later this month or next month because something else caught my attention and it just blew my mind!

So, in my previous posts for last month I wrote about contemplative spiritual practices and terminology. In a section where I was quoting Richard Rohr I believe, there was mention about ecstatic singing. I had to look that up and I found way more on ecstatic dance then I did ecstatic singing. In 2019 I was introduced to a group of emergent missional pastors (and non-pastors) within the EFCA, Creo Collective. If you research this group at all it doesn’t (shouldn’t) take long to realize they are not promoting a biblical NT Christianity. Creo Collective’s Christianity includes everything from contemplative practices, to reading and quoting contemplative mystics, to social justice. Recently, they posted a video that had a woman dancing in the woods alone very slow and flowy with the invitation “come dance with us let’s get a big ole party started” and another post of the same they talked about “practicing the art of Jesus movements.” It was a webinar, maybe they were going to actually have a virtual dance party or maybe not, however I kind of think they did. They like to party! So, what’s the big deal? Well, the dancing that was taking place in the video of the woman in the forest was ecstatic dance. Ecstatic dance is an occult spiritual practice. I have already been aware of this group and the unbiblical things included in their “Christianity” but seeing them post a video of a person doing ecstatic dance actually blew my mind. They just keep getting more and more into occult spirituality.

In a article written by a practitioner of ecstatic dance explaining some of what it is etc. This person explains that ecstatic dance isn’t about performance or entertainment for others, but it is about entering powerful trances, to have visionary and healing experiences. There are flow – state and high energy ecstatic trance. (this should be raising red flags). Ecstatic dance is connected with Shamanism, Buddhism etc. These are occult false spirituality. Ecstatic dance is a spiritual meditative spontaneous practice that leads to trance and feelings of ecstasy.

Other elements of why people practice ecstatic dance:

Healing ( supposed to bring emotional healing), done as a meditation, to achieve oneness, to contemplate, to increase creativity, idea generation, to reach enlightenment or awakening, embodiment, mindfulness, conscious awareness and more.

These things are not apart of biblical Christianity but yet here we have so called Christians utilizing such things in the name of creative Jesus movement? I don’t think so. Creo Collective isn’t the only place you will find this stuff. You can find it at the big church in Redding, Ca. I can tell you one thing, if you as a Christian or your church promote or practice these things, you are not a Christian and your church is not a Christian church! It is time to wake up and start paying attention to what is being put out in front of the church as things to do to be more spiritual or to have a greater spiritual experience. If this is you or your church, you are not led by the Holy Spirit, you are led by a false spirit. That’s it. StraightUp!