A Small Dish of Poop in the Brownies

My last post was about deception in the Church (Poop in the Brownies). Deception looks like false teaching, using the Word of God out of context and just flat out heresy.

We would never eat a pan of brownies knowing there was a little “poop” in them, so why is the Church so accepting of it in the theology of some who are going out training and teaching in the name of the “gospel” or in being “missional”? If you aren’t familiar with the concept or methodology of being “missional” or “incarnate” you might want to do some research. Here is a question for you; do you know the Word of God intimately enough to recognize what is almost right in someone’s theology? We as Believers don’t need discernment to recognize right from wrong, we need it to recognize right from almost right. Should we tolerate or accept this kind of teaching or theology in the Church? Absolutely not! (1 Timothy 6:3.) We have the whole counsel of God – the Bible is complete! (Acts 20:27) So really we have no excuse to be “tossed here and there” as (Ephesians 4:14) mentions because we should be reading, studying God’s Word that we will recognize anything that is out of line with it. Jude 3 tells us to contend for the faith, we need to recognize even the slightest unbiblical teaching, we need to speak up and “contend” for truth not accept it or tolerate it.

So, what might “poop” in the brownies look like today?

When we reduce Christianity to a negative system where fasting becomes more sacred than feasting, law wins out over grace, and correct theology becomes more important than Divine encounter, we in effect become the modern – day pharisees whose ministry Jesus was set against.” –

Truth is narrow, but grace is wide.” –

That makes me want to vomit! I didn’t put the name of who said these, but I will tell you they are impacting hundreds of churches and Christians regularly. If you don’t see the issues with the above statements, you don’t know truth. Those are “poop” in the brownies of theology that is flooding churches EVERYWHERE. We should not accept it, we should not tolerate it and we should not partner with it. That’s it. StraightUp! (I hope you share this one)

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