Poop in the Brownies

How much poop could be in a pan of brownies before you would decide not to eat them? We will come back to this later, but in the mean time think about it.

There are “Christians” out there today that want to teach your kids that God simply wants to be their best friend forever.

There are “Christians” out there today who take scripture and stretch it so that it fits their formula of how Christians should be doing the Christian thing. They talk a lot about the gospel, incarnational missional community (Christians and non Christians), discipleship (disciplining even the unbeliever). They teach going out and being like the culture to reach the culture. Go eat and drink and party because God loves a good party.

There are “Christians” today who will tell you its okay to just be you, your only human so go ahead drink, smoke, cuss, watch the Bachelor, etc. God still loves you.

Here’s the thing, all the things listed above are poop in the brownies! It’s deception! God doesn’t simply want your kids to think He wants to be their best friend forever. No! God wants them to know they are sinners in need of a savior, and that Jesus is that Savior through faith. They need to know this as early as possible. They need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, learning, growing into who God created them to be so that they can stand against the lies of the enemy. The Christian life is not a method, movement or formula. It’s a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. You can’t stretch His Word or take it out of context to make it fit how you want to live as a Christian. Christians are called to live different than unbelievers (the world, culture) we are not told to be like them to reach them. Christians are called to preach the gospel, make disciples and baptize them – you don’t baptize unbelieving people, therefore you don’t disciple them either.

The gospel isn’t telling “God’s” story, (a nice gentle story comprising the entire Bible in a nut shell) the gospel is that Jesus, the Son of God, came, lived, died on the cross and rose again defeating death and sin. The gospel is the Kingdom of God is near, repent and be baptized. Jesus called out sin and told people to go and sin no more. When people “soften” the gospel so that the unbeliever won’t be offended, that’s poop in the brownies. The gospel is offensive to an unsaved world. We don’t get to change the concept of what the gospel looks like so that we aren’t afraid of being rejected or persecuted for sharing it. Guess what! The gospel requires a natural tension, it requires the hearer to either accept it or reject it. Anything else is poop in the brownies. The gospel requires sacrifice on the part of the Believer, we know from the Word of God that preaching the gospel, sharing it with unbelievers requires us to be willing to be rejected, persecuted, unpopular etc. it requires us laying down self for the sake of the Cross of Christ. Anything else is poop in the brownies.

Let’s go back to the starting question, how much poop could be in a pan of brownies before you would decide not to eat them? Hopefully, you are saying, “Uh, none.” Have you caught on that the poop is deception? Deception is EVERYWHERE! The enemy is gaining so much ground and it’s because the Church has grown lazy, it’s sleeping. We are told to be on guard, to be watchful, alert and sober minded, but we’re not, so we are okay with a little poop in our brownies. Church, deception is darkness. There cannot be a little poop in God’s Truth. You can not have a mix of good and evil. God is a holy God, he isn’t going to use deception, even a tiny bit of it, for the purpose of His Kingdom. To think a little deception is no big deal, is a lie from the pit of hell. STOP eating poop in the brownies! That’s it SraightUp!

2 thoughts on “Poop in the Brownies

    1. cherihanson

      Amen sister!! Thank you for this. Praise God for willingness to be bold for his kingdom, to allow God to give you confidence to speak truth and be persecuted and dismissed for standing up for Christ crucified. You go Chris! Not just to the cross, down into the grave and rising again as a new person learning to grow in holiness, seeking sanctification and a pure heart truly experiencing the presence of our Great God. Repentance daily, we need Jesus ALL DAY LONG! 2Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead to suit their own desires they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from truth and turn aside to myths….Anyways, Thank you Chris for your obedience. I pray the church does not water down and sugar coat the gospel to accommodate!


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