Happy New Year!

Good Morning on this third day of 2023! I just wanted to jump on to give some explanation as to there being no posts since last Spring. For three years the Lord had me researching and writing about the Emergent Church (Missional/Progressive Christianity) by summer of 2022 I was so discouraged by the number of churches, individual Christians, and ministries that are falling into this movement of social justice gospel and people don’t really seem to care that it is not biblical Christianity, but prefer a more palatable Christianity. The number of Born Again Christians who are totally captivated by the Chosen is also very discouraging. The show is not a biblically sound program. Like the Emergent Church movement, the Chosen is an ecumenical, socially acceptable show of which most is “creative license” not Bible. So, I had to step back a bit. Now, as we come into 2023 I will continue to see what the Lord wants to do here. In the meantime, stay faithful, stand firm, be discerning and stand for biblically sound doctrine. God bless you in this coming year!