Why StraightUp?

For sometime there has been something stirring in me regarding a blog, but I have never been one of those women who just sit around dreaming of being a blogger. I began praying about this! Asking the Lord if this is just me or if it was in fact Him nudging me to step out into another means of serving Him, a new way of encouraging women and building them up? I just didn’t know.

One night after some prayer time, where I again asked the Lord about this ongoing thought of writing a blog, I told the Lord, “Okay. If this is You…okay, but You need to give me a name for the blog so I know it is You!” Later that night about 2:30 am I was awakened to ‘Straight Up’ – followed by, “So much in the Church is dipped in grace and laced with Truth rather than being dipped in Truth and laced with grace.” That is why the blog is ‘StraightUp’. I believe what He gives me to write will be straight up, direct, blunt, challenging, non-sugar coated words. We are in a time where being followers of Jesus doesn’t really mean following His Word or His way, but instead it is a Christianity that fits the ideas of today’s secular culture. We have our get out of hell card, our comfortable lifestyles, and our grace dripping theology where we no longer call out sin, instead we make up some lame response that doesn’t offend anyone. Here is the thing, Truth is offensive! It isn’t meant to make us all feel warm and fuzzy, it is meant to convict the sinner of their sin that we might find forgiveness and redemption in Jesus Christ. If I am to be a voice to wake up the Church, great. If I am just to share lessons He teaches me that will build up and encourage other women in Christ who want to walk a surrendered, obedient walk with Him, awesome. I am just going to walk this out in obedience. So, there you have it- StraightUp!

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